Kombi Counselling

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George is an experienced VW mechanic who has over the last 15 years mastered the art of diagnosing issues with kombi's over the phone thanks to running Hire A Kombi's fleet.

His belief is small problems become big problems if left unattended so if you have some small niggling issues with your kombi you want to solve yourself or have run into trouble on the road then you can purchase one of the following services to put your mind at ease about your colourful loved one.

He will guide you into the steps to take for a healthy, happy kombi or beetle.

If the problem needs further attention by a specialist he will help you find the appropriate mechanic near you.
These packs will cover: 

  • VW Mechanical advice and time to fix it
  • If you are stuck on the side of the road and feeling stressed call us

Purchase a pack, text Alyce and we will arrange a call time. If you are on the side of the road and need immediate help text us and we can call you. If you want more information on how this works please email hireakombi@gmail.com or call Alyce 0437548898


"On our trips around Australia, we've used Kombi Counselling many times to get out of sticky situations.  George not only helped us get back on the road, he taught us the skills to prevent future breakdowns.  Today we go to every corner of the country with confidence, thanks to George + kombi counselling!" - Jordan