The dream & possibility of driving a Volkswagen Kombi has become a reality.

We are George, Alyce, Mae + Kim.

Alyce + George met in 2010 when Alyce bought a kombi from George and called him Applejack and circled the country then back to George.

It's a beautiful little love story with ups and downs and George's determination to find his passion led us to this Hire A Kombi adventure.

We love seeing the happiness a kombi brings and while like all old vehicles they can have their hiccups we pride ourselves on ensuring we do everything we can to ensure these small dilemmas can just add to your experience.  If you aren’t prepared to experience a hiccup we ask you to consider if hiring a kombi is for you.  George is an experienced vw mechanic and knows the fleet extremely well and we work really hard for you not to experience delays on your trip however it can happen and we need you to work with us, not against us if this misfortune occurs.

Running a business from home can be crazy at times so while most days we respond at lightening speed we appreciate your patience on days when we're delayed and please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding our fleet or for a quote.

We look forward to hearing from you and if you subscribe to socials or our mailing list you can keep up to date on our kombi journey!

Alyce, George, Mae + Kim xxxx