Days In The Sand

DAWSON was part of a photoshoot on the beautiful Great Ocean Road with a local business creating wetsuits to make it that bit easier to spot your child on those busy summer days at the beach.
Our Hire A Kombi family are always interested in people and their stories behind ideas they have created so we chatted with Sophie about her collection of wetsuits inspired by her childhood summers spent down the coast in Anglesea.
Naming them after iconic beaches along the Great Ocean Road.
Beaches that were very much part of her childhood and created from reminiscing about the surfboard she used to ride as a kid.
"All a bit of fun, and something that people can relate to" she said.
When did Days In The Sand begin and how did the idea come about?
After living internationally pursuing my 9-5 job in event management, this past 20 months of whirlwind change, has given me the push to share Days in the Sand with you.
The idea came about as I was searching for an on-trend, bright coloured wetsuit and struggled to find what I was looking for.
So in the summer of 2021, we launched Days in the Sand.  
What makes your wetsuits different to others on the market?
We believed that there was a gap in the market for well-priced, bold, bright coloured wetsuits.
From our collections so far and our collections to come, we pride ourselves on our bright colours making it easy to spot your little one as they hit the sand and the surf.  
Tell us a bit about yourself and who DITS is?

Growing up close to the iconic beaches of the Great Ocean Road, every childhood summer was spent with my family in the beautiful town of Anglesea. A beach lover from when I could crawl, sandy summer sessions soon turned into autumn, and even winter beach days. Much like mini-beach lovers today, you couldn’t keep me away, no matter the weather.

Along with a love for family days down the coast during our holidays, my parents also ingrained in me a heritage of hard work and business self-ownership, along with a love of fashion retail, having built their careers in the industry.

​I have always wanted to create my own business, and as I look back on the past 18 months, I am so happy I can share Days in the Sand with you. 
Why do you do what you do?
My family have always owned their own businesses and it's something I have always dreamed about and given me the drive to continue with my dream vision of starting and running my own business. I always knew that once we had kids, they would become my new career so I want to have flexibility in my work options. 
What do you most enjoy about our coast and the Great Ocean Road?
I don't think I will ever appreciate the true beauty that the Great Ocean Road has to offer.
We are so lucky to call it our 'home'. The hundreds of kilometres of white sandy beaches are hard to beat! 
Why did you choose a kombi for your current shoot and were you happy with Dawson?
Dawson was the star of the show!
The kids were so excited to shoot alongside him and it really made our shoot. We used to have a red VW beetle "Keith" growing up as our beach car so I have always wanted to incorporate a beetle or Kombi in one of our shoots.